Fabulous Furniture

We love visiting their showroom; so much so, we even want to take home many of their furniture items on display!

The styles, colours, quality and variety get our tick of approval. Download the brochure today or call the PhaTman direct, Alan Wilson on 0427 11 22 33, to discuss your needs.

About the PHaT Man

Whether you’re after commercial or office furniture, branded merchandise, digital signage or CCTV, gaming stools or venue furniture, PHaT Sourcing will ensure you get exactly what you’re after at the best possible price – minus the hassle.

PHaT Sourcing are talented sourcing specialists who will work tirelessly to supply you with the cheapest bulk and specialty buys for your business and individual needs. PHaT Sourcing will hunt down the best deal for you. Don’t waste time and money searching for the right supplier – PHaT Sourcing already knows where they are – and with over 450 suppliers on hand and counting, PHaT Sourcing can move your business forward.

Their new website will be live soon – check it out at  www.phatsourcing.com

Customised gaming chairs – by Phatscourcing

Our gaming chairs are custom made to suit your customer; fabric, return swivel, caster wheel base, your choice of back and your choose of base.

It is commonly known that the gaming chair plays a fundamental role in improving player comfort and ‘length of stay’ at gaming venues.

Replacing your venues gaming chairs is not just a matter of looking at the lowest price. It is a decision that requires considering factors affecting both the players and venue operators. Failure to do so can reduce the long-term sustainability of your business.

For the customers, it’s all about comfort. Players want a comfortable gaming experience. Remember, ‘comfort’ not only includes the basic chair, but also the overall gaming facilities, design, lighting, service, food, drinks etc.

From a gaming stool point of view, comfort includes the ergonomic features of the stool, and of course the design and style. This may enhance the overall gaming environment and therefore the perceived comfort of the venue.

For you and your gaming staff, it’s all about service. While players demand comfort from gaming stools, venue operators such as yourself need good service. And by service we mean, durability, maintenance, design, life-cycle cost and product warranty.

The importance of selecting new gaming chairs that address the needs of both parties cannot be understated. And other than price, there are a number of important factors to consider when purchasing new gaming chairs:

  • Gaming area location – Indoors or Outdoors?
  • Seat foam
  • Swivel mechanism
  • Stool base
  • Stool height
  • Warranty
  • Upholstery
  • Continuity of supply